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Professional translation, proofreading, and content writing services in French and English.


What is Twin Scripts ?

Twin Scripts specialises in the translation from English to French and from French to English of high-end editorial content featured in diverse publications including - though not limited to - periodicals, exhibition catalogues, corporate brochures, film scripts, and more.

Bilingual at heart, Twin Scripts is dedicated to ensuring crisp and accurate translations of your editorial content into both languages.

Twin Scripts offers additional linguistic services, including proofreading, editing, and content writing, in English and French.


Our Services

What Twin Scripts does best:


Twin Scripts accurately translates your articles, interviews, press releases, web content, catalogues, brochures, synopsis, film scripts, and academic publications from French to English and/or from English to French. Open to all types of documents and formats, Twin Scripts is particularly proficient in translating corporate communication, social science, film and visual art-related content.


Twin Scripts proofreads and corrects the potential grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes of your French and English-written documents, as well as their corresponding translated versions. We also provide editing services which includes an assessment of syntactical, tonal, and stylistic elements of your texts in both languages, as well as suggestions for partial or total rewriting.


Twin Scripts writes web and/or marketing-related content in your choice of style and format. Our fields of expertise include visual art, film, design, fashion, luxury, tourism, and NGOs.





Who We Are


Emmanuel de Montbron

After completing my schooling in South Africa, I earned my BA in political science from the Institut d’Études Politiques de Lille (2007) and an MSc in development planning from University College London (2008). I also have a background in art history, after completing three years of study at the Michaelis School of Fine Art (University of Cape Town), where I was awarded two class medals in Art Theory.

Bilingual English-French, I spent more than 20 years in an English-speaking environment in South Africa and the UK.

I specialise in the translation of artistic, academic, marketing and journalistic content. My areas of expertise include film, luxury, tourism, fine arts, political and social science research publications, NGOs.

You will find a selection of recent work by clicking on this link.


Anoushka Dufeil

Like Emmanuel, I began my academic career at the Institute of Political Studies in Lille (2006) and grew up in a multilingual environment. After working in the European environment in Brussels, I took up studies again, this time in Linguistic Sciences - specialising in French as a Foreign Language (2011).

My areas of expertise include film and advertising, as well as publications and research-actions by NGOs on human rights, especially women's rights.




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